Aditional recordings (vocals and guitar), production and mixing for – Nakes Ears – Naked Ears

Mastering by Blaisdell Studio



Composing, recording, mixing and mastering music for Nespresso, A Taste Of…….. 


Additional recording, mixing and co-production (mastering by Arjan Rietvink) – Wendy Moore, Fake Friends



Recording, programming, all instruments (Drums by Richard Moelker), mixing and production (mastering by Blaisdell Studio) – Belle and The Beats, Qetesh



Recording, editing, sound-design, mixing, mastering and montage – Podcast CZ (Vitality Portal) for El Contento



Recording, played some guitars and did some backing vocals, mixing and production – Belle and The Beats, Lose Your Feathers – EP



Tune, recording, mixing and mastering – Mora, Flora Tostini tune for Yune



Recording, mixing and production – Belle and The Beats, Deeper



Mixing – Not.Your.Regular.Boy – Crazy Land



Recording, mixing and production – Belle and The Beats, Soldier of The Night



Voice over recording – Bel Simpel commercials met Jop Joris



Composition and arrangement (with Frank Berghuis) – Frans Duijts – Wat is dan Liefde



Complete production and all instruments – Gil y Mario (No Habra Nadie en el Mundo – Concha Buika Cover)



Recording and editing vocals for Loona – Badam



Recording, arranging, guitar, bass & mixing – Herrie op het Plein (Stichting Liliane Fonds)

Mastering by E-Mastering

Vocal recording for Marie-Jose van der kolk Ademloos door de Nacht
Aditional recordings (vocals, percussion, brass dubs), production and mixing for – Nakes Ears – Ice Bear 


production and mixing for – Gaia Nostra 


All Recording, production, arrangements, instruments for: Babette Jane – Het Kwetterbos
All Recording, production, some arrangements, guitar and bass guitar for: Terence Samson – Daily Tuning
Complete Production for – NausikaGroom the monster (EP)
Tune voor Babytalk Cafe
VeVa Campagne voor Defensie
Voice-overopnames voor: Batman Arkhem City Challange
Vocal recording – Mr Bean Strip MagazineNickelodeon met de stem Eric van Muiswinkel
Total production: Double EspressoToo

Independent production
Babette Jane (as),
Floortje Smehuizen (as),
Annette de Greeuw, Loes Rusch (bars),
Wieke Garcia (voc, perc),
Terence Samson (perc).

Sounddesign, mixing and mastering for all commercials of Topshelf
Mixing en additionele recording: Jiga Voo – Instinto


Mixing, additionele recording, editing en executive producing: Tarhana Mundus